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Margot Tapestry Long Lumbar

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Margot is a harmonious blend of luxury and timeless elegance. Inspired by the Renaissance era’s rich tapestries and paintings, this jacquard pillow features a copper brown base with gold, olive green, and muted red patterns on the front, and a brown taupe base with brown patterns and a tan brown velvet edge on the reverse. Adorned with delicate motifs of paisley and blooms, it exudes enduring grace. Complete with a sumptuous velvet trim and a reversible design, Margot adds a regal flair to any space, inviting you to indulge in its artful craftsmanship and historical allure.

Size: 14 x 36 Lumbar

Margot is available in four different sizes: 18" x 18", 22" x 22", 14" x 36", 12" x 20”

Discover Renaissance Romance E-magazine.

Pillow insert not included.

Best paired with: New premium 100% duck down feather pillow inserts to fully elevate your pillow styling and customize your comfort experience.


Margot Tapestry Long Lumbar
Margot Tapestry Long Lumbar Sale priceQAR 317,16