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Chiara Tapestry Pillow

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Chiara embodies a harmonious blend of luxury and timeless elegance. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestries and paintings of the Renaissance era, this jacquard pillow showcases a light cream checkered base adorned with delicate light purple patterns, adding a modern touch. The reverse side features a contrasting brown checkered base with cream floral patterns, which brings softness and European charm. Accented with luxurious velvet trim, Chiara offers versatility to match different moods and styles, inviting you to enrich your space with its understated elegance and refined craftsmanship.

Size:  18 x 18, 22 x 22 Pillow

Chiara is available in four different sizes: 18" x 18", 22" x 22", 14" x 36", 12" x 20”

Discover Renaissance Romance E-magazine.

Pillow insert not included.

Best paired with: New premium 100% duck down feather pillow inserts to fully elevate your pillow styling and customize your comfort experience.


Chiara Tapestry Pillow
Chiara Tapestry Pillow Sale priceQAR 272,36