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Jantu Vessel

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The Jantu vessel is a one-of-its-kind terracotta sculpture handmade by local Indonesian artisans.Its name comes from the word "jantung" which means "heart" in Indonesian, as this particular vessel resembles the cardiovascular organ. It showcases a natural organic color palette and a vintage-inspired finish that ensures durability and authenticity. The details of this vessel is made possible by sculpting techniques that have been passed down through generations. An extremely unique piece, this vessel is characterized by a spherical base with an opening in the middle and three cylindrical tubes at the top which can be used as a distinctive pen holder, an iconic flower vase, or on its own as a standalone showstopping decorative piece. Fulfill your heart's desire and invite love and passion into your home with the Jantu vessel.

Materials: Terracotta clay, Tan brown underglaze, highly textured  matte cream glaze.

Size dimensions: 11"L X 7.8"W X 11"H

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