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Antique Mongolian Milk Warmer

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The Antique Mongolian Milk Warmer is a metal vessel with a handle and spout, traditionally used by Mongolians to heat milk or tea. The milk warmer is equipped with a small compartment or space where hot rounds or embers from a campfire can be placed, serving as the heat source that warms the liquid inside. For collectors, historians, and those interested in cultural artifacts, these milk warmers offer a fascinating glimpse into Mongolia's rich traditions and history. The Antique Mongolian Milk Warmer is the perfect addition to your kitchen setup, as a tangible reminder of the nomadic way of life and the resourcefulness of Mongolian herders in adapting to their environment.

These pieces are handmade. Minor signs of fading, discoloration, or other imperfections are not considered defective. Instead adds to its authenticity, character, and charm.

Size dimensions:  ~12" X 11" 7"

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