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Betel Solid Teak Tray No°2

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Show your appreciation for earthy, natural vibes by styling your tabletops or shelves with the Betel Solid Teak Tray No.2. Comes in a natural light wood brown color. Crafted by masterfully carving solid Teak wood into a small tray. Multi-purpose and versatile: although traditionally used to serve betel nut and leaves, this wooden tray can also be a decorative addition to any space. Use it to hold small items such as jewelry, keys, or fragrance. Made of durable and premium quality solid Teak wood sourced all the way from Indonesia.

One of a kind.

Measurements: 10"L x 9"W x 3"H

Betel Solid Teak Tray No°2 Vase Twenty Third by Deanne
Betel Solid Teak Tray No°2 Sale price461.37 SAR