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DECEMBER 31, 2023

A Tapestry of Memories: A Year End Recap

2023 is finally coming to a close: and there’s no better way to celebrate all of our achievements and goals than to look back at the wonderful year that was. This past year was full of amazing memories and experiences made even better because it was shared with all of you! 

Join us in taking a trip down memory lane!

Our year began with a sense of wanderlust, a desire to uncover the hidden gems that would breathe life into spaces and transport them into realms unknown. From the vibrant villages of Turkey to the mesmerizing sights of Indonesia, our team scoured the world, picking up home decor favorites along the way that transcends borders and eras.

Our vintage pillow collections found their way into living rooms, bedrooms, and cozy nooks, turning ordinary spaces into sanctuaries of style. The vast variations of colors and patterns became a reflection of the unique personalities and stories of those who welcomed these treasures into their homes. 

In 2023, we launched 10 collections, and you all loved every single one!

We’ve grown our community exponentially: we’ve garnered over 60,000 friends and followers on our social media platforms! This year was also the year for collaborations: I’ve been so honored to share my platform with other like minded and talented designers who styled Twenty Third by Deanne pieces in their own homes, such as Marissa and Becca Meyer.

Our journey extended beyond the realm of home decor, embracing the holistic concept of lifestyle. From antique, one-of-a-kind objects in the Found Objects collection, to the captivating Vessels, together we explored the world of unique lifestyle pieces that elevate everyday living to an art form.

As we reflect on the end of this chapter, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to each one of you who made this year so extraordinary. Here's to a new year filled with endless possibilities and the timeless allure of unique treasures that make a house a home.