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Adelle Turkish Vintage Rug Lumbar No.1

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Twenty Third by Deanne’s Turkish Vintage Rug Pillows are decorative cushions created from repurposed, authentic Turkish vintage rugs. These pillows are made by carefully selecting and cutting sections of vintage rugs, capturing the unique patterns, colors, and textures of traditional Turkish craftsmanship. 

The resulting pillows showcase the rich cultural history and artistry embedded in the original rugs, offering a distinctive and stylish accent for home decor. The use of vintage materials adds a sense of heritage and character to each pillow, making it a unique and expressive piece that blends the past with contemporary design.

Please note that due to their vintage quality, these pillows show the authentic wear and character of time. Variations in color, texture, and patterns are not flaws but rather echoes of craftsmanship and stories untold. These imperfections make each pillow a distinctive decor item in your home, while adding warmth and personality to your space. 

Handmade in Turkey.

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Pillow Insert not Included.