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APRIL 24, 2023

For A Special Lady: A Mother’s Day Gift Guide

For Mother’s Day, I sat down with my mom to talk about Twenty Third by Deanne. Doris, or Dor, as I lovingly call my mom is a housewife and a former businesswoman. She ran a textile business back in the Philippines years ago. In many ways, she was my role model before I even knew what the word meant. 


She is a superhero, a role model, a best friend.

On Mother’s Day, we all have an opportunity to tell her how special she is to us. If you didn’t get her a mother’s day gift yet, don’t fret! I listed down some gift ideas you can give your amazing mom on her special day. 

When you want to tell her that she lights up a room like no other.

A distinct scented candle is something your mom can easily put in her home that will instantly remind her of you. Choose a candle that looks chic and elegant that your mom’s guests will undoubtedly ask about! I personally like the 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Candle by Dyptique

photo by dezzlim | featuring TwentyThird's Scallop Tray

When you know that it takes a lot to walk in her shoes. 

These boots are made for walking! Your mom has obviously been through a lot in her life, and good shoes like these ones from Anne Bing will undoubtedly be an amazing staple to a strong and sophisticated woman’s closet. 

photo by tuchuzy

When you want to give her something to relax and be comfortable in. 

If your mom is anything like my mom, she loves looking good, but feeling comfortable is her number 1 priority. This pajama set from Skims is a great set for your mom to lounge in while doing her everyday activities. Your mom will love them, trust me!

photo by skims

When you’re hinting that you have something to tell her over drinks. 

Juicy workplace stories? Relationship troubles? If ever you need advice or a listening ear, you know your mom got you. Get her a cocktail glass and fill it up with her favorite drink for a night of mother-daughter chit-chat. 

photo by cb2

When you want to tell her she has the sharpest mind you’ve ever known.

Mothers know best. These sharp knives are a great addition to your mom’s kitchen! Ask her to make your favorite childhood dish next. 

photo by santoku

When you want her to unleash her inner bookworm. 

Regardless of if your mom loves to read books or not, this coffee table book is perfect for late afternoon lounging or as a piece that adds sophistication to her spaces.

photo taken from amazon

When you want to give her something to remember you by. 

Moms always seem to have little trinkets they keep around the house. A stylish tray where she can set down accessories, keys, and other small objects while keeping them stylish is a sure-fire way to let her know that you notice the little things that make her perfect. 

This mother’s day, it’s important to show your mother how much she means to you. She’ll definitely appreciate whatever gift you give her— even a sweet message or your presence can mean a lot. 

Have a great mother’s day celebration!