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MAY 14, 2023

Mom You're The Best: In Conversation with Mom

For Mother’s Day, I sat down with my mom to talk about Twenty Third by Deanne. Doris, or Dor, as I lovingly call my mom is a housewife and a former businesswoman. She ran a textile business back in the Philippines years ago. In many ways, she was my role model before I even knew what the word meant. 

"It runs in the genes."

I initially developed an affinity for interior design growing up at home in the Philippines, where my mom and I shared a mutual love for pillows. It was incredibly fun to change up the decorations at home for each holiday or season, and I saw first-hand how it changed the overall vibe of our home. 

She says that “it runs in the genes.” 

“It will grow big, I’m sure.”

My mom tells me.  “Because you dream big, you work hard, you’re very passionate, and you never give up. That’s the ingredients to being a successful person.” 

In life, we need people who believe in us and our capabilities. I’m glad that my mother is someone I can rely on to provide me with helpful advice and inspiration. Knowing that I have such a strong, beautiful passionate woman in my corner as I traverse through a challenging world motivates me to bring more positivity into the world. 

This Mother’s Day, don’t forget to greet your moms Happy Mother’s Day! Always let them know that you appreciate them and their presence in your lives.